Who’s that chick?

“If you have slight masochistic tendencies, then you’ll be a wonderful programmer”

– Geoffrey told me at the coder conference where I came to the firm decision that I, indeed, will be a wonderful programmer one day. I had to believe him, afterall – he has been writing all these funky little code lines for so long and he had the kind of smile that could never lie.

Yo. I’m Juci, by the way. [If you pronounce it like “UC”, then you are pretty close to the truth.]

Huge fan of the blues and lyrically inappropriate punk rock. Code enthusiast. Tech geek. Coffee addict. Fluent in sarcasm. Drops f-bombs semi-frequently.

Chances are, you’ve already seen my face in HD on the front page so I wouldn’t torture you with an another pic (and I’m pretty short on grainy duckface selfies at the moment anyway).

According to a piece of paper, I am a biochemical engineer and according to the IT guy, I am an annoying little prick with a “tweak ALL THE THINGS” mentality, a tendency to break sh*t and a disturbing familiarity with the infamous blue screen of death.

That’s alright, though, no hard feelings. I haven’t met him (or Windows XP) since 2004.

Right now I am The Tech Whisperer and an annoying little prick with web development superpowers.

I’m not even mad when code keeps me up at night. Error messages and glitches don’t frighten me – it’s just a matter of research, experimentation and perseverance (or ruthless masochism, if you will – Geoffrey was right!). That’s what I do – I code, I tweak, I customize and instead of breaking things, I’m fixing ’em. Oh, and I suck up knowledge like a damn sponge – what is more, I’m not afraid to pass that on to you in simple, plain potatoEnglish.

I am the wingwoman of unapologetically bold and passionate small business owners who need some geeky magic. I am the one lurking behind the scenes (in a strictly non-creepy way), making sure that the tech is running smoothly while you are concentrating on what you love and do best – creating your mind-blowing content, getting your voice out there and building your empire.

Don’t let those nasty glitches hold you back – you and I can be unstoppable together.

(And we will definitely need a cape, too.)

Still meditating? Maybe my hall of fame will help you reach your zen and make your decision. (No Buddhist monks, though, only pretty epic projects I did for awesome people just like you).
Wanna put a ring on it? Good, because without you I don’t wanna dance.