ConvertKit Live

So you are interested in ConvertKit, huh?

Maybe you always wanted to try it, maybe you already use it but some things leave you confused – well, if you don’t mind clearing your calendar on Monday, then let’s hang out and tame this beast, shall we? 🙂

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What you will learn:

  • why ConvertKit is boss AF
  • how to navigate the platform like a superhero
  • how to organize your subscribers (with case studies & examples!)
  • how to create forms & display them on your website
  • how to make sense of automations & set up your first funnel

What you need:

You in? If so, sign up here and I will make sure to notify you when the game is ON 🙂

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Your host

Oh hey. My name is Juci, and if you pronounce it like “UC”, then you are pretty close to the truth.

I am a tech VA, passive income strategist & web developer helping aspiring superhero entrepreneurs to stand out online, humanize the tech side of their businesses & build systems and strategies that work for them specifically. No cookie-cutter shit here.

I love to explain stuff, give a f*ck about people and my friends would totally say that I am fun (and I wouldn’t even need to spend THAT much on bribe, y’know), but I guess you’ll see that for yourself if you join me on Monday – feel free to hit the share buttons & bring a friend along, too 🙂