I want a totally tailor-made website.

You are a unique snowflake, a funky badass, a quirky business owner on a friggin’ mission and you want the world to see you.

Maybe you kick ass on social media, but you still don’t have a website. Or you have one, you’re just totally embarrassed by looking at it, and even more embarrassed by thinking about what your visitors may think when they look at it. Maybe you just want something totally new and exciting. Maybe a rebrand? Maybe a completely new direction?

Maybe. One thing’s for sure: DIY is not how you roll.

You have come to the right place then because this is where mindblowingly epic and unapologetically bold websites are crafted with love, care and a healthy dose of punk rock.

If you already have a design, then I can wave my magic coding wand and transform it into a fully functional website, be it WordPress, Squarespace or Blogger. I can even attach a precious little shop to it if you ask me nicely.

No design? No problem. I have some real badass designer buddies who can bring your brand to life.


This is how it’s gonna go down:

  • I’ll send you a questionnaire filled with strategic questions regarding your needs, wishes and dreams
  • You’ll answer those questions and send it back to me (preferably by email, but if you can find an owl to deliver it, then it’s more then welcome)
  • If you need a design, one of my designer buds will create a moodboard and an initial layout for you. You’ll give an honest feedback. Tweaks will be made, flawless design will emerge.
  • This is my time to open my glitter-covered code editor and develop the site for you. Plugins, eCommerce, integrations – I’ll add all of that stuff. Except if it’s gonna be a Squarespace or Blogger site – no plugins fo’ you, buddy. I’ll still pack in as many functionalities as humanly possible. I’ll even sneak in some SEO (because at the end of the day, you’ll want to get as many eyeballs on your site as you can, right?).
  • You and I will test the site. We’ll go hardcore because no bugs shall remain.
  • I’ll give you some insider tips regarding your new online home so you’ll gain familiarity and empowerment, even if the platform is brand new to you and you’re not sure where to click first.
  • We’ll launch the site. I will humblebrag about it on social media – we did it! We really did it!
  • You may want to throw a party. Understandable.
  • If you experience any glitches in 4 weeks after your launch, then you can come back to me – I don’t want you to fight alone. We are SO in this together.

How much will this cost you?

Depends on your needs. I will politely ask you to throw at least $700 at me for Squarespace and Blogger sites, and $1200 for WordPress sites. I will also ask you to present me with a 50% deposit before any badass work begins, and slip the remainder in under my door before your site goes live.

Sounds cool? Grab a taco and let’s talk about the deets!