I could use some help with my e-mail marketing platform.

You have a pretty epic tribe and a sleek e-mail list.

Your raving fans are impatiently waiting for a new love letter from you but you’re just a little bit caught up in the tech aspect of it – oh, the despair!

Maybe you want to send super custom e-mails but don’t have time (or let’s face it, the slightest intention) to learn HTML. Maybe you need someone to help you piece it all together – forms, campaigns, sequences, broadcasts, opt-in bars, automations, integrations, pop-ups… you got a bit lost, didn’t you?


That’s alright, I got your back. Think of me as your e-mail marketing wingwoman, because you and I will dominate the shit out of your platform. I know the ins and outs of many systems (MailChimp, ConvertKit, GetResponse, ActiveCampaign, Aweber, MailerLite) so you are in safe hands. I can code up a fancy e-mail template for you, set up ALL the sequences and automations you need and integrate ALL.THE.THINGS – all you gotta do is chill and plan your mindblowingly awesome content your dearest peeps will love. No obstacle in insurmountable, as my high school English teacher would say.

How much would that cost you?

Every project is a unique little snowflake so I don’t have a fixed price for this – I give super unique package prices based on your needs and the details of your little problem. Projects start at $75.

Sounds good? Awesome.

C’mon, have a seat, make yourself at home, grab a kiwi beer and let’s talk!