I have a mind-blowing e-course but I don’t want to deal with the tech side.

You are SO ready to put your knowledge, passion and expertise out there.

You have all the content and the enthusiasm, and your prospective students can’t wait to learn something from you.

Just like you wouldn’t want to teach in an old, dusty classroom filled with spiders, you don’t want to use a crappy platform to host your carefully created e-course either. Maybe you don’t know where to turn. Maybe you find this whole thing painfully complicated and don’t know where to start. Maybe you just don’t want to deal with it at all – you just want it to be beautiful, on point with your brand, and, most importantly, you want it to WORK. As simple as that.


Believe it or not, I am pretty good at online courses – I love taking them, I love making them. Hang out with me a little bit, and I’ll help you choose the perfect platform and whisper some pro tips in your ears (in a non-creepy way, of course). If you ask me nicely, I can even build the whole thing for you, brick by brick, and customize the hell out of it so it’s gonna be true to you and your brand. Kajabi? Teachable? Anything else? Doesn’t matter, I got your back, buddy.

Alright, but how much would that cost you?

Every project is a unique little snowflake so I don’t have a fixed price for this – I give super unique package prices based on your needs and the details of your little problem. Projects start at $75.

Sounds good? Marvellous.

Grab a cup of Irish coffee and let’s talk!