I want an epic opt-in / workbook / eBook.

It’s not just a simple PDF – you and I both know that very well.

It’s not just a plain, old, boring document that you would hand in to that loathsome professor of yours who was always picking on you anyway.

Not at all. It’s much more than that.

It’s a gateway to your precious e-mail list, a bridge between you and your soon-to-be raving fans. It’s an integral part of your epic online course or webinar, a valuable asset in the hands of your loyal students. Heck, it might even be your flagship product!

Your content is perfect – afterall, you’ve put your personality, expertise, heart and soul into it – so of course you want your little baby to look good. And by good, I mean “look at me, I’m a friggin PRO” good. I mean “I definitely did not make this in Paint” good.


Luckily I have a dear friend called Adobe Indesign – we have created some awesome eBooks together (link to portfolio). If you wanna hang out with us a little bit in the backyard sipping wine, then we can happily make one for you, too. It’s gonna be totally custom, on point with your brand, intuitive, interactive, fillable if needed and most importantly, absolutely hassle-free for you. Bells and whistles at your reach.

Warning: I do ask a lot of questions (relax, I ain’t doing it CIA style) – but only because I want you to be 1000% satisfied with the new magical creature we call The One PDF.

This is how it all works:

  1. I ask
  2. You answer
  3. I create some templates you can choose from
  4. You make an outstandingly wise choice
  5. I add your content and send you the PDF
  6. You politely suggest some modifications
  7. I respectfully agree with you and do the modifications
  8. I send you the final creation
  9. Warm & fuzzy feelings emerge. You like it! You really like it!
  10. Profit, fireworks, unicorns, a bazillion new subscribers.


I will, however, ask you at some point to kindly throw some money at me (50% after you’ve chosen a template and 50% before I hand over the final creation).

May I present you with the exact numbers? Yeah?

Cool. There you go:

1-4 pages: $100
5-10 pages: $175
11-20 pages: $275

If you need more pages, drop me a line and I’ll get you a custom quote 😃

Sounds good? If so, grab a steaming cup of sweet, sweet caffeine and let’s talk!