Proof that I’m not a moron

You have every right to be skeptical. 

I haven’t proven myself yet so naturally, you are wondering whether I, fo’ real, know my sh*t or not.

Worry not, buddy – many came before you and they all survived. I’ve put together a little compilation of the awesome projects I’ve done for amazing people just like you, so be my guest, take a peek!

Websites I’ve worked on

Sarah Louise Bidmead | I created this website for Sarah using her branding and the images she supplied. I was striving to turn this website into an online space that reflects her heart-centered philosophy and wonderful personality. This project included theme customization, content setup and integration.

Passionate Gypsies | Building an online home for Kierra meant pouring all her passion and dreams into a website. Erin Gipford captured her personality perfectly, creating a marvelous brand – and I was honored to bring her design to life.

Well Sewn Style | I tweaked Mary Alice’s site to improve mobile responsiveness and customized some elements to better match her branding and make her website more appealing and upbeat (eg. subscription box, color blocked widget titles, social buttons, fonts).

Grays Matter | I helped Samantha clean up her website’s design, added her content in an organized and logical way and ultimately created a homepage for her business that truly reflects her unique vision.

Bending e-mail marketing platforms to my will

Hi and Hello Co. | I migrated her from GetResponse to Mailchimp, set up the proper lists, tagged her subscribers and modified her opt-in forms on her website.

Heart Handmade UK | I migrated her from Mailchimp to ConvertKit, carefully transferred her subscribers and tweaked all her old sign-up forms. I also did some SEO work for her (Yoast SEO).

The Domestic Wildflower | An another nicely executed MailChimp-to-ConvertKit migration. I also customized the Genesis eNews Extended widget in her sidebar by tweaking the CSS.

Online Course Galore

Hilary Silver | I set up her Kajabi landing pages and made sure that it looks totally branded and epic. (Yes, it involved some custom coding as well.)

Hi and Hello Co. | I helped Vanessa set up her sales page for Affiliate Amore, whip her course slides into shape and I’ve also worked on her Brand Discovery Workbook.

The Domestic Wildflower | I helped her with her course setup and fixed compatibility issues.

Dapper PDFs

30 Day Workout Plan (Paid Product) | This just had to have a badass vibe! Her audience loved the style and the hyperlinks I added to make it easier for them to match any excercise with its description.

Postpartum Guide (Opt-In) | We were looking for a feminine, quirky, upbeat style for this eBook.