I have some other tech-related wishes.

Maybe you have something else in mind.

Maybe you are not even sure about what you want. Why don’t you just go ahead and send me a little love letter so we can discuss your needs?

What I am NOT:

  • A social media manager. I am literally the Jon Snow of social media, I know nothing.
  • A web design/logo design master. Unless you’re into ugly shit.
  • A copywriter. English is not even my native language and I don’t want to think about how many grammatical errors I’ve made on this single page only.
  • A carpenter. Just in case you were wondering.

What I am:

  • A Professional Googler. So no matter what twisted, tricky techy thing you have in your mind, chances are, it’s something I have already encountered or can learn all about it at the speed of the western wind.
  • Intuitively good at tech stuff. Just ask the IT guy who used to save my computer from the blue screen of death back in the day when I was a curious, innocent little child. Curiosity remained, the tendency to destruct disappeared. (No, seriously.)
  • A geek at heart. I’m learning new technologies every day just for fun. [And also because getting left behind in tech basically means instant death, but let’s not get dramatic here.]


If we end up working together (how epic would that be, can’t wait! yaaay!), there will come a time when I’ll ask you to kindly throw money at me.

How much, you ask?

Every project is a unique little snowflake so I don’t have a fixed price for this – I give super unique package prices based on your needs and the details of your little problem. Projects start at $75.

With that said, grab a cup of coffee and let me know what’s going on – we’ll figure something out, mmkay? 🙂