I am a web designer, but I don’t wanna code.

You are an artist.

A visual thinker. A master of Illustrator and Photoshop. Moodboards, wireframes, color schemes, layouts – these are your jam. But you also know that your stunning design is not translated to an actual website by computer fairies – unless you prefer to call coders computer fairies, which I am totally okay with. Now that I think of it, let’s go with that.

Maybe you are not comfortable with coding. Maybe you are, you just don’t like it that much. Maybe you are fed up with premade themes and how they restrict your artistic freedom.

How about some sweet, sweet collaboration then?


I speak fluent HTML, CSS, PHP and particularly, WordPress (plus some other programming languages we most likely won’t need) but let’s be real here, I couldn’t design anything remotely acceptable to save my life. However, I love writing all those funky little snippets that give life and functionality to gorgeous designs. Wanna know more about me and my ars poetica? Click, then.

I’ll be your computer fairy and you’ll be my design guru, so both of us can focus on what we love and do best – flowers shall bloom and rainbows shall emerge wherever we go.

This is the age of a more beautiful and highly functional web. Join me and let’s make it even more magical together.

Let’s grab a Tequila Sunrise and talk about the deets!