My website is gorgeous, I just want some tweaks.

Your website is almost perfect, it’s just that one thing that you wish you could change.

Or you bought a theme and suddenly you are all “WTF is this shit, how do I even…?”. Or you want to add this shiny new thing and you have no idea how. Or you broke something and now you’re in full panic mode.

Ready for some good news? Nothing is impossible in Code Land and I can get you out of your misery. I suppose I could give you a long list of the things I can help you with but I don’t wanna bore you to death or shower you with technical mumbo jumbo – wouldn’t it be much more awesome if you and I both grabbed a Margarita and talked about your exact problem?



Poking around, tweaking things, killing glitches and troubleshooting annoyingly scumbag issues is my jam and I will go full Yoda on any problem that may come around (not the peaceful kind of Yoda, but the “do or don’t do, but don’t try” kind of Yoda, except that I just DO).

Let’s talk numbers, shall we?

Every project is a unique little snowflake so I don’t have a fixed price for this – I give super unique package prices based on your needs and the details of your little problem. Projects start at $75.

Don’t settle for the less-than-perfect and don’t put up with your website’s crap – drop me a line below and let’s sort it out together before our Margaritas get warm.