“Make money while you sleep!”

“Watch those PayPal notifications rolling in while soaking up the sun on Bali’s most gorgeous beach, sipping the most perfect, sweet(ish), yet sufficiently sour Tequila Sunrise!” *gulp*

Ugh, please.

I know, it’s the dream. What a shame that it’s also a load of bullshit.

Look, I’m a passive income strategist, I should probably try to sell you this dream – but in fact, I’m writing this little love note today to warn you about anyone and everyone who claims that passive income is the easiest money you’ve ever earned.

It’s not.

Earning tons of money while sipping a cocktail on the most gorgeous beach of Bali - I know, it's the dream. What a shame that it's also a load of bullshit.Click To Tweet

There are so many wonderful little nuances that go into a digital product. You need an idea, you need to validate that idea, then write an outline, fill in the blanks, create all that content, shoot all those videos, set up some systems to make your students or customers feel special and amazingly appreciated (because let’s face it, they are your real MVPs in this game, aren’t they?), and I haven’t even said anything about marketing yet.

Oh, and the launches.

All those nerve-racking times of will-they-won’t-they, the endless chain of emails, livestreams, dropping knowledge-bombs left and right while trying to strike that perfect balance between giving just enough value to demonstrate how effing legit you are, but not so much that nobody feels inclined to buy your stuff anymore.

Don’t get me wrong – I love the process. It’s a puzzle that you have to solve while enjoying (or “enjoying”, I should say) the deadliest rollercoaster ride of the year – until your next launch, that is. But, y’know, I do love it, and I love helping others learn to love it.

It’s exhilarating and there is no doubt that you are learning a lot about yourself, your business and your audience in the process.

But is it a walk in the park?

Abso-fucking-lutely not.

Even if you have a rock-solid product, you need to keep on building your network.

You need to keep strengthening your relationship with your audience.

You need to keep providing value.

You need to keep showing people your values and how awesome you are.

You can't just stop caring about your followers one day and then resurface months later with a fancy offer in hand.Click To Tweet

Sure, there are many aspects that you can outsource and automate from design through course building to community management, but please, do me a favor – never fully remove yourself from the picture.

Your raving fans want to buy from YOU because they see something in you and they trust you – so don’t ever make them feel that you are selling a soulless product.

Don’t ever make them feel betrayed.

Do you see how this is anything but “passive”?

It’s continuous hard work, it’s flawed, it’s human, it’s wonderful, but it’s not truly passive.

And if someone tells you that it is, then tread carefully – you might be looking at a prime case of Marketingfluffitus Bullshitis. Quite a nasty one if you ask me.

I wanted to tell you this now because I want you to know what you can expect from me and this blog moving forward – take it as an introduction of some sorts 🙂 See, I can help you with all these bits and pieces: the course creation, the launches, the tech – and I will. But I also solemnly swear that I will never feed you sparkly little lies and fluff to make you feel better because you are not benefitting from that and I’m not into wasting time.

But don’t worry – this doesn’t mean that we won’t have a whole lot of fun 🙂

Let me know in the comments below: what was the biggest marketing bullshit you’ve heard during your entrepreneurial journey?

Author: Juci

Hey there, my name is Juci - and if you pronounce it like "UC" then you're pretty close to the truth. I'm here to help you brainstorm, create and launch your product and save you from all your tech headaches, superhero style.

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