I hate hackers and don’t want to see Japanese porn on my website. Ever.

As you might now, WordPress is the most popular Content Management System out there.

You love it, right? You know who else does? Hackers.

They are not a picky bunch, so incidents happen more often than you think. They don’t care whether you’re internet-famous or not, in fact, they don’t care who you are – they just need your sweet website to put their shit on.

Viagra ads. Japanese porn. Random messages by terrorist scumbags. Black market drugs. Even if you like Black Market Baby by Tom Waits, you really don’t want to wake up one day and see that on your website. [Or maybe you do, no judgement here, but then this is not really a page for you.]


Security is not the fanciest topic ever, but it’s better to prevent those bastards from sneaking in through the cracks – I can help you keep them out of your humble online home and show them the middle finger.

Wanna know how?

I’ll update WordPress, your themes and plugins on a weekly basis. No postponing, no headaches.
I’ll do regular backups of your site and tuck it away to a safe place (how does your Drive or Dropbox sound?) – whatever happens, you won’t need to say goodbye to your whole content.
I’ll scan your site and slay every malicious hacker crap in my sight.
If something goes south, I’ll get you out of trouble.

Kindly throw some money at me and I’ll give you a peace of mind, so you can focus on building your online empire with a warm & fuzzy feeling of security.

How much, you ask?

Setup fee: $49


$70/month OR $760/year (Ermahgerd, you just got a $80 discount!)

Sounds good? Grab a glass of fine vino and let’s talk: