Craft an online program so addictive, your students will cancel their Netflix

For thought leaders who want record-breaking completion rates and raving testimonials, Code & Glitter is the boutique consultancy committed to helping you turn your offer into a luxurious experience ✨


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    Drag your online course out of the graveyard

    We’ve all been there – got hopelessly persuaded by a sexy sales page, threw money at it, GOT THE THING (WOOHOOHOO!!!), watched the first video, thought “alright, imma continue next weekend” and tucked it away in our online course graveyards to collect internet dust until eternity.

    Wanna make sure that YOUR program avoids this grim fate, and instead be the one that your students actually finish AND get mindblowing results from? One that feels like a warm hug from the moment your people smash the buy button, right until the second they sit down to write you a testimonial so heartfelt, it would make Adam Driver tear up? Well, then pull up a chair and get ready – you’re about to craft an online course that makes your students go from “meh, will do later” to “OHMYGOD THIS FEELS LIKE A LAVISH DAY IN THE SPA” 💅

    Sprinkle a dash of luxury all over your offers, effortlessly

    Through a magical blend of radically thoughtful curriculums, bold, on-brand design, sanity-saving systems, and automations that makes your people feel like you’re right there with them (but, like, in a wholesome way, not in a creepy way), I can help you turn your little corner of the internet infinitely more glitz and glam. Just think of me as the Alfred to your Batman – but instead of crime, we’re fighting the conventional, the mediocre and the “blah”.

    Lean back with a Tequila Sunrise in hand and share your course with the whole known universe - confidently

    Tell your friends, put it on a billboard, brag to your mom’s knitting club, shout about it on the majestic interwebs, and yes, definitely rub it under Betty’s nose, too – that bitch never had a nice thing to say to you in high school but look at you now, hotshot! Heads are turning in awe, and people all around the internet are whispering “WOW, I didn’t even think this was possible” – well, it is. And you got it. You just crafted a course experience that finally caught up to the amazingness of your content – and to that premium price tag you DAMN WELL deserve to slap on it.

    Don’t let the tech gremlins get you down

    It’s sure as fuck that you didn’t start your creative business to waste your life on Googling what the fresh hell CSS (or any of that techy stuff) is. Fear not, while I am a certified geek, I still know how to human – so expect simple, step-by-step, ultra-mega-intentional stuff here, exactly in the right dose that you need to make epic shit happen.

    Sup, I'm Juci, aka The Woman Rescuing Your Program from The Online Course Graveyard

    I created Code & Glitter to help thought leaders craft unforgettable online programs they LOVE to deliver – and ones their students devour, get results from, and rave about forever and ever. Because the old, unintentional, and content-heavy way? That’s a one-way ticket to the Online Course Graveyard 💀

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    I have never in my life, in any of my careers, worked with someone so thorough and efficient. It is a dream to work alongside someone like Juci who is dedicated to getting things done right. I never have to worry about the job only being half done or sloppy. It is so refreshing to be able to put that kind of trust in someone else! Juci does an amazing job at explaining things that I don’t understand and I never feel embarrassed asking her questions. My blog would not be where it is today without her help. She has helped me grow beyond what I could have done myself and I am extremely grateful.

    – Marci Buttars, TIDBITS and InstaFreeze Meals