Enchant your students with an online course experience that feels like a night at the Four Seasons

and confidently charge the premium prices you damn well deserve 

Ready to turn your program into the hottest piece of pure epicness your students just can’t shut up about? If you’re screaming HELL FUCKING YEAH right now, then click that sexy little button and apply to Rave-worthy VIP today (then comfort your upstairs neighbor Gladys that you are, in fact, completely sane).

Blink twice if this is you:

OR maybe this is you…

My trusty crystal ball told me that these thoughts might also keep you up at night:

Guess what, you gorgeous badass? Infusing your online program (AND your course platform) with your bold, one-of-a-kind magic doesn’t have to feel like walking barefoot on a LEGO-covered runway.

In fact, it can be really fun and wholesome (I’m talking making-a-hot-chocolate-for-your-bestie kind of wholesome and spiking-it-with-tequila kind of fun). And the tech? That shiz can feel as easy as riding a bike – sure, that sucked when you got started (trust me, I’m the finalist of the Shitty Balance Championship), but now it’s the most natural thing in the world, isn’t it?

The key to crafting a magical journey for your students, or, rather, your VIPs, is all about caring deeply about their experience with you and your brand (which I know you already do!) and knowing the right set of techy, design-y and strategic ingredients to this potion of amazingness (and, umm, HEYYY, that’s exactly what I’m here for!).


Rave-worthy VIP

The most comprehensive 1:1 service for turning online course platforms into luxurious statement pieces, and programs into devilishly addictive experiences

When you embark on this adventure, you’ll walk away with these gems in your back pocket, locked, loaded, and ready to sell:


I have never in my life, in any of my careers, worked with someone so thorough and efficient. It is a dream to work alongside someone like Juci who is dedicated to getting things done right. I never have to worry about the job only being half done or sloppy. It is so refreshing to be able to put that kind of trust in someone else! Juci does an amazing job at explaining things that I don’t understand and I never feel embarrassed asking her questions. My blog would not be where it is today without her help. She has helped me grow beyond what I could have done myself and I am extremely grateful.

“Goddammit, Juci, I have more rave reviews than I know what to do with” - I hear my clients complain all the time.

Except nobody actually complains about that (I mean, what’s next, do we start bitching about free hot chocolate and vacations in Bali?), but it does tend to happen after we put our heads together and make some serious magic – the Rave-worthy way.

But you know what else? 

The lingering shame disappears and they start showing off their online courses with the pride of a thousand dads catching the largest fucking trout at a weekend getaway. 

Everywhere they go, they hear the subtle sound of heads turning, and people whispering “damn, I didn’t even know that this was possible”.   

They (FINALLY!) slap on that premium price tag they damn 👏 well 👏 deserve 👏 

Oh, and they build a loving relationship with their students – without spending their lives in front of the computer. I meaaan, you’d rather chill with your family, pick up your besties and go on a road trip to Norway or twirl around a random, poorly-lit dance floor instead of having to answer the same question the millionth time, right?

“Mmmkay, sounds good - but what IS actually inside Rave-worthy VIP?” - you might silently ponder at this point.

Well, let me tell you.

Pillar 1: Foundations

The same way we wouldn’t actually go road tripping to Norway without a map, we also won’t just start poking at some random techy bits and hope it’ll do the trick. In Pillar 1, we cast the vision – the vision of your unique magic, the vision for the experience you want for your students, and yes, the vision of the lifestyle you want to have. And, we do it in a way that doesn’t put you into a deep sleep – because nobody needs to fill out yet another ideal client avatar worksheet.

Pillar 2: Bring out the glitter

In this stage, we’ll turn our attention to – you guessed it! – your online program. We’ll take a deep dive into your curriculum and polish it to Netflix-level-addictive perfection (if you’ve ever thought “HOW TF AM I GOING TO PUT ALL MY BRILLIANCE INTO THIS PROGRAM”, then this is your moment to exhale). Then, we’ll take a loving glimpse at your course platform and go waaaay beyond the defaults – so get ready to faint from the sheer beauty you didn’t even know your brand flaunted! We’ll create graphics in Canva that aren’t JUST pretty but also effective, and we’ll add some code magic for that elusive and gorgeous on-brand look. You won’t even recognize your course platform AND your sales page after this – and yes, you’ll get the templates so you can customize and create new modules and products as simply and breezily as it is to dip your toes in the ocean on the perfect summer day.

Pillar 3: Roll out the red carpet

I’ll walk you through the easiest and most human way to map out the mindblowingly luxurious experience you want your students to have, and I’ll bend the tech to our will to make it all happen. In this stage, we’ll work with your email marketing platform of choice, and possibly Zapier. I’ll be there in your corner every step of the way to make it way less threatening than you might think right now – so maintaining this deliciously designed system will be a breeze. 

Pillar 4: Retain your sanity and keep tabs on #allthethings

SURPRISE, it’s not just about your course – it’s about making sure that you end up with the program and the level of support that feels amazing FOR YOU AND YOUR STUDENTS. In this stage, we’ll talk systems, look at all the moving parts, identify energy leaks, and throw out everything that doesn’t move the needle. Proper MarieKondo-ing, amirite? We’ll also talk about the nerdy stuff – which numbers you gotta look at, what it all means, and how you can use this FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE (no worries, not Illuminati) to improve the hell out of your program in the long term. Don’t worry, there’s a system to all this, and you will LOVE it, even if math makes you barf.


I would definitely recommend you to anyone who wants to seriously upgrade their Membervault look. My clients LOVE it and I’m so excited to update everything inside with the templates! It made it super easy to for me to create the graphics and it looks so professional and stylish. And you were SUPER helpful and cheerful about it! I also love that you did the custom domain the next day because it wasn’t working that day even though technically it wasn’t in the scope of time agreed – you went above and beyond!

“Alright, Juci, gotcha - now tell me all about how this all works!” - I hear you excitedly exclaim. Well, it’s quite simple and totally customized for you and your specific needs. Here is the general idea:

To make sure that we’re a match made in heaven (destined for things that a bard would definitely sing 3 to 5 songs about), it all starts with an application. After I review your amazing application, you’ll hear from me in a few days, so keep your eyes on your inbox! When you’re accepted, I’ll share some project deets with you (think: timelines, pre-work, any follow-up questions that might be relevant – this is a two-way partnership tailored to you, remember!), and invite you to invest.

Once all that’s said and done, here’s how THE WORK is gonna go down:

So, what do you say, are you in?

Investment: $3500 or 2 x $1750

If you realize that you can’t commit to this right now and tell me 3 days prior to our official project start, I’ll give you your money back. No questions asked. Once we started our work together, your investment is non-refundable due to the custom nature of the service.


Hope to work with you again in the future for any further tweaks we may make! Appreciate your responsiveness during the project, too. Thanks Juci!

Got questions? Good, because I got answers.

I designed Rave-worthy VIP for thought leaders who give a truckload of fucks about their students’ experience and don’t want to create yet another kinda-okayish online program (nor do they want to dig around in the techy parts of it all!). No matter if you have an existing program you wanna uplevel or a genius idea you’ve yet to fully flesh out, this is totally for you. If you’re not sure, just email me at juci@codeandglitter.com, tell me a bit about you, your business, and your program or idea, and I’ll tell you if I think it’s a good fit for you at this moment 😄

Not a problem at all. My vision for Rave-worthy VIP is to work WITH your life – so once you’re accepted, we’ll discuss your ideal timeline and take into account that beautiful, unique life of yours. If you sign up now, you’ll lock in the limited-time beta price – and you can decide to start anytime in the next 6 months.

Well, as the previous question suggests, that depends quite heavily on you 😄 The earliest start date at the moment is mid-July.

In Rave-worthy VIP, we’ll work closely together and I want to make sure that it’s the right fit for you and your business. I only want to take your money if I can help you achieve results that make the internet green with envy, y’know?

YES, absolutely. The application is not binding, so if you change your mind and decide that this is not for you right now, then we both move on, with zero hard feelings (and maybe circle back later? 😉).

The full investment is $3500.

Yup, you can break up the full sum into two penalty-free monthly payments (2 x $1750 / month).

Nope! I’ve been working behind the scenes of a variety of amazing businesses with wildly different tech platforms since 2015, so chances are, I’m quite comfortable with whatever your favorites are ✨

Then let’s talk 😉 I offer custom retainer packages for returning clients who would like to have ongoing tech, design, or strategy (OR all of the above!) support.

You betcha! If you realize that you can’t commit to this right now and tell me 3 days prior to our official project start, I’ll give you your money back. No questions asked. Once we started our work together, your investment is non-refundable due to the custom nature of the service (and just as importantly, due to all the love, attention, and expertise I’m pouring into each of my client projects).

Obviously – but on purpose? Only 30% of the time.

No worries. Holler at me at juci@codeandglitter.com and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Ready to go luxe?