Ah, product creation.

Taking all your knowledge, your passion, your desire to help, wrapping it up in a nice little package with a bow on top and releasing it into the wild – just to imagine how many people you are going to impact is intoxicating. Cue starry eyes and world domination plans.

Except one little thing.

The tumbleweeds. 

“What the hell is this chick talking about?”,

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“Make money while you sleep!”

“Watch those PayPal notifications rolling in while soaking up the sun on Bali’s most gorgeous beach, sipping the most perfect, sweet(ish), yet sufficiently sour Tequila Sunrise!” *gulp*

Ugh, please.

I know, it’s the dream. What a shame that it’s also a load of bullshit.

Look, I’m a passive income strategist, I should probably try to sell you this dream –

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