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I need a passive income strategist

I know you have so much to give - so don’t get stuck trading your time for money. Let’s grab a cup of coffee and figure out how you will expand your reach and create more freedom in your business! Oh, and if you’re worried about the implementation, well, you shouldn’t be - you have me in your corner.

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I need a launch strategist

Launching can be extremely overwhelming and emotionally straining. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a partner in crime who lays out a strategic launch plan for you instead of you trying to put the little puzzle pieces together? Wouldn’t it be epic to have someone by your side who keeps you accountable and supports you all the way? Thought so. Let’s join forces and make some serious launch badassery happen!

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I need a tech VA or a consultant

You know I hate to see your suffer - let me be your superhero sidekick and save you from all your tech headaches. Whether you need someone to tweak that one thing on your website that's been bothering you for so long or you want someone to demystify, simplify and explain that complicated tech tool for you in human terms, I'm your gal.

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I need a web developer

So you want to shine online, don’t you? Let’s team up, ditch the cookie-cutter crap and create an epic, personality-filled website for you!