Juci is a strategic genius that helped me put some method to the madness behind my launch. Before working with Juci, my launches always lead to burnouts and super sad conclusions. Once Juci helped me, we were able to take all my crazy ideas and execute on the ones that I was the most passionate about and get better results. I made some big decisions in my last launch and it was because of Juci's support that got me there. It is a game changer working with her! 

Cinthia Pacheco, Digimorphs

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Juci first came to my rescue when I was getting ready to launch The Productivity Zone and none of the opt-ins or newsletter sign-ups worked. I was freaking out and within ONE HOUR Juci had everything working and straightened out!!! Because I was such a ConverKit newb, she suggested a power hour session to go through the basics of ConvertKit and funnels/sequences. I had a ton of questions and Juci was very patient and even more thorough. I love that the entire session is recorded so I can go back anytime I need a refresh! I wouldn’t even know what I was LOOKING AT in ConvertKit if it wasn’t for her!!!

Alexandra Beauregard, The Productivity Zone

I don't really know what to say. Juci is not just a super magnetic human being but she is so SMART and amazing at what she does. Her work is quick, efficient and she is always so honest about what, when and how things get done. My favorite thing about Juci (besides everything) is that she is so incredibly generous with her time and skills. She literally saved my life during not just one, but two course launches where I had pickled myself with kind of unrealistic deadlines. She helped me with sales pages, refining workbooks, creating course slides and moved my whole sales page to Teachable from WordPress. I love working with her, so much so I was hesitant to write this testimonial because I want to keep her for my own (just kidding. Hire her like right now, seriously). 


Vanessa Mullen, Hi and Hello Co.


Kierra Ivy, Passionate Gypsies

My blog was a complete and utter disaster and embarrassment before I met Juci. I knew what I wanted it to look like, but I just wasn't creative enough nor tech savvy enough to bring my dream blig to fruition. The moment I threw my hads in the air in total defeat, I met Juci. Her personality and confidence really drew me in, and for some reason I just knew she'd be the woman for the job. Hiring Juci and her designer, Erin was probably the BEST DECISION I could have possibly made for my blog business. They gave me the site I had always imagined and I've gotten so many compliments on it. It really is beautiful, and I owe it all to them. I 100% recommend Juci without reservations. She is beyond talented. She was honest, professional, and everything I could have asked for in a developer. She will be my go-to developer for all future projects.

What can I say about Juci? She's freaking awesome. Not only did she hold my hand through the process of creating my first ever site, she explained the terminology I wasn't familiar with, she keep her cool when I frustratingly changed themes half way through the project and she made me feel heard. I felt safe and really happy that I chose her as my designer for my first website. If you've ever launched a website you'll know how much love and attention and thought goes into each and every word, image and link. Juci was right there with me and we worked through the project together. Juci helped to trouble shoot and guided me in every way, it was great to wake up in the morning and see all the changes that she had made overnight. I'll be continuing my relationship with Juci and I can't wait to see what else we create together. If you're looking for some 'code and glitter' in your life, you're looking for Juci.

SarahLouiseBidmead_BusinessStrategy_Heart-CenteredBusiness_LifeStrategy Cropped

Sarah Louise Bidmead, Marketing and Business Strategist


Design is very important to me and I've spent a lot of time and money on my visual brand so I feel indebted to Juci for turning all of my Kajabi pages into extensions of my website. She was able to take the standard Kajabi landing pages, sales pages and opt in pages, and turn them into beautiful custom branded pages. Now everything inside of Kajabi looks like it belongs as part of my entire online brand. She also connected Kajabi to my email provider and tested everything to make sure it worked properly. She is quick and efficient and totally gets what I'm trying to accomplish in creating funnels and selling my online courses. I will continue to lean on Juci for custom coding needs inside of Kajabi and other techy type support too!

I started up my blog with no experience whatsoever. I was able to use WordPress and a custom theme but after a few weeks I was totally stuck. I couldn't get the website to look right in mobile view and things just a looked a little homemade. Juci was able to come in with her coding wizardry and get my blog from semi-finished to perfection and all in just a few hours time. I am so pleased with the service I received from Juci and will definitely be coming back when I am ready to take my site to a whole new level.

Mary Alice Duff, Well Sewn Style


Need help with code on your website? Then you need Juci! I was struggling to add in a disclaimer to a website's email opt-in form with just the right detail. I finally reached out for help and so glad I did. Juci was able to take this project I've been putting off for weeks and turn it around in 48 hours with ease. Everything is perfect from the placement to the functionality. Beyond that, her response time and customer service was fabulous. Thanks so much!

Amanda Strong, Strong Virtual Support

And just like that, my MailChimp woes are over. Thank you Juci for being lightning fast, super professional, and such a clear communicator in moving me in about an hour. It would have taken me a month if I could do it at all and I would have cried a lot. Hello Convertkit; let's be friends!

Jennifer Gomes, The Domestic Wildflower

Jenny Gomes

Juci was so easy to work with! I had a tight deadline and needed a course uploaded and looking ready to go in Kajabi. I gave her some very basic instructions and she delivered on time, on point and asked all the right questions. The process was easy, simple and within budget. I highly recommend turning over all your techy stuff to Juci!

Grace Estripeaut, Boost Your Zen