Heck yeah, you are SO in!

Click the image to get The Rebel’s Idea Bin:

Make sure to go to Show Menu -> More -> Copy Board to copy this to your own workspace – I hope you’ll have a lot of fun working through it!

Now that you’re here though…

I figured that you are a superhero on a mission – you want to help and impact millions, don’t you?

But maybe, just maybe this whole product creation and launch thing is just way too confusing and overwhelming.

Well, let me introduce you to The Rebel’s Passive Income Roadmap – a comprehensive system to create and launch your first (or next) product with ease and clarity.


It’s a collection of Trello boards that will guide you through the entire process – it’s like having a Trello version of me coaching you 🙂 And to show you how much I appreciate you, I want to give it to you for a lower price – use the code IAMAWESOME for a 30% discount 🙂

So, what do you get exactly?

  • a Get Started PDF guide
  • 4 Trello boards
    • The Idea Machine, helping you coming up with an idea (whether you have too many or none at all)
    • Let’s get specific, walking you through the product creation process
    • Craft a sales funnel, helping you craft your own profitable funnel from scratch
    • Launch time!, a practical and no-nonsense framework to (relatively) stress-free launching

Sounds cool? Then click the button below 🙂